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‘Driver safety technology education could save lives’ – Arval

Vehicle leasing company Arval UK encourages the use of advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) device, which were made compulsory in the EU last year.

Ex-fleet electric vehicles take twice as long to sell to dealers as ICE

When sold online, petrol takes five days, diesel six and EV 11; at auction, petrol and diesel both take 15 days and EV 33.

Long-distance repair problem for nationwide dealers

With the increasing popularity of purchasing a car from a distant dealer, fixing any proceeding fault becomes difficult, epyx explains.

70% of car dealers say UK motor manufacturing lagging on electrification

40% of dealers cite a limited capacity for battery manufacturing while 31% report that insufficient consumer demand for EVs, says Startline.

Stockport Council agrees multi-million pound deal with Be.EV

The deal, costing around £8m for installation and an additional £7m for operational costs, will see the addition of 54 chargers to Stockports network.

EU and Germany deal on 2035 zero-emissions cars law prompt industry response

Senior director of T&E Julia Poliscanova responds to the EU and Germany’s new deal allowing the 2035 zero-transmission deadline to enter law.

FleetCheck software adds new EV efficiency tools

Increasing operating costs and efficiency varying quite widely between EV models have prompted FleetCheck to adapt their management software.

Driving for work ‘the biggest work-place risk’

During Birmingham’s April Health and Safety Event, industry leaders will explore why a third of all UK road collisions involves someone driving for work

Osprey Charging reveals new EV charger artwork for Autism Acceptance Week

Osprey Charging has announced they will be displaying artwork by autistic artist Rebecca Ellis across 21 of its charging stations.

Germany’s e-fuels to cost over €200 to fill up a car

Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s renewed commitment to e-fuels, at €2.80 per litre, would cost the average driver at least €2,300.