Auto Trader has created a new function for its website, allowing customers to browse what it calls ‘virtual stock,’ or cars which may not physically exist at the dealership at the time of search.

As a result, consumers will be able to browse every new car available to order in the UK, Auto Trader claims, in addition to the over 65,000 ‘nearly new’ vehicles also on the site.

For new vehicles, consumers will be able to browse multiple variants, colours and optional extras before contacting a UK franchise dealer of their choice.

According to research by insight company Kantar, 64% of new car buyers already visit Auto Trader, while Auto Trader has separately found that 60% of all car buyers are open to considering a brand new vehicle, with a third of all buyers open to new or used.

“Therefore, the introduction of virtual stock will give consumers more choice when in the market for their next car, opening up all available options across new and used models,” the company wrote in a statement.

In order to compliment this new car proposition, Auto Trader has also appointed Marc Palmer to help spearhead manufacturer relationships and identify the current challenges held by car makers.

Before joining Auto Trader, Palmer gained over 15 years of manufacturing experience, including roles at Ford, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz and Nissan.

Palmer said: “There are clearly many benefits for consumers looking for a new car on Auto Trader with the introduction of every new car available – but this new proposition also opens up a huge new car audience on Auto Trader for car manufacturers, the scale of which they simply may have been unaware of before.

“Manufacturers do not often speak to the buyer who is undecided when it comes to new or used vehicles, but now they can do just that, in an environment that hosts the UK’s largest audience of car buyers.”

Auto Trader digital director, Chris Ward, said: “We’re delighted to have Marc, and all of his experience here at Auto Trader, as it will help us further understand the challenges of car makers. Marc’s appointment and the new car offering will both help us provide more innovative advertising solutions that meet the needs of our customers, led by a detailed understanding of the consumer car buying behaviours of our vast new car audience.”