UK-based AutoProtect has appointed Tim Hudson to the newly-established position of group chief sales and marketing officer.

Hudson boasts extensive experience across the British automotive sector, having previously assumed board and C-level roles in leasing, manufacturer, auction and automotive data.

Praising Hudson’s experience, and explaining the significance of the new hire, group chief executive Matthew Briggs said: “Tim’s experience across the automotive eco-system and deep insights into the evolving way people buy and use cars, the changing distribution models for new and used cars and the rapidly increasing digitisation of virtually every sector demands fresh thinking.”

AutoProtect provides insurance products and dealer warranties to vehicle manufacturers and retailers of all types throughout the UK, Europe and globally.

Indicative of the groups growth plans, AutoProtect hopes to lead the way in transforming distribution models in the industry, which is “changing at a breakneck pace” according to Briggs.

He continued: “We are determined to be at the forefront in leading positive change finding different and innovative ways to serve our customers. Tim’s experience and enthusiasm will be invaluable in leading this strategy.”

Expressing his excitement over the new position, Hudson added: “I’m looking forward to the positive discussions and actions that we and our partners, existing and new, can create to deliver fresh, agile support propositions that make us vital to vehicle buyers/users.

“The car distribution sector is already undergoing disruption, and this will only accelerate. It’s up to forward-looking players like AutoProtect Group to lead the call for disruption from within. Challenging the existing model is not a threat; it is an opportunity.”

Forming a series of hires to brand new roles, Tara Williams re-joined the AutoProtect Group last year, filling the newly created role as chief risk and compliance officer.

Williams said: “I recognise that the market has moved on and that embracing the developments in regulatory compliance is business-critical to the motor retail community; something I have experienced first-hand on a daily basis in my current post.”

Her appointment coincided with AutoProtect seeking to expands its dealer support activities significantly.