Cap hpi has revealed plans to launched a global numeric code for vehicles, similar to the alpha numeric code it currently employs in the UK.

Ian Rendle, managing director of cap hpi, said: "The automotive industry is undergoing seismic changes that require new levels of data insight if it is to exploit new opportunities. The new global code will provide a future-proofed platform that will unlock the ability to share vehicle data across international boundaries.

"We believe a single global code will help the industry drive innovation and growth throughout the vehicle lifecycle. Data led businesses will be able to scale internationally in a fraction of the time and with much less cost."

International expansion has been on the agenda for cap hpi for a while now, and Rendle specifically mentioned the potential for this when Solera bought CAP Automotive at the end of 2014.

Since then, CAP and fellow Solera company HPI have been brought together to form cap hpi, and the combined teams have been recruiting heavily with a view to growing its operations beyond the UK.

Most recently, this has included Joel Albyn, who cap hpi recruited to lead the rollout of new data products and devise new digital strategies.

Albyn is a form director of product management and global e-commerce strategy at Walmart.

Cap hpi said it is currently rolling out the new code globally, and plans to also develop a range of digital and data services to support users.

It said it plans to launch in key markets in 2016, supported by the international network of parent company, Solera, which operates in over 75 countries.

The company also committed to supporting its existing UK code indefinitely, as well.