Tom Wood, chief executive officer of Cazana has signed the startup’s first US partnership with Edward Robinson of Robinson Advisory to support Cazana’s expansion in the US market.

Robinson Advisory is led by the former chief executive of BMW Financial Services USA, Ed Robinson.

This appointment was made during Cazana’s trip to Boston and Chicago which was organised by the Lord Mayor of London, where Wood met with local finance and insurance organisations, said Cazana.

The purpose of this trip was to strengthen commercial ties between British and American companies.

Cazana said the partnership will grow Cazana’s revenues in the US market and help them show the benefits of real-time pricing and risk data in auto finance, leasing and insurance organisations in the USA.

The Lord Mayor of London, Charles Bowman, said: “I’m thrilled that London-based automotive startup Cazana has just signed an Memorandum of Understanding with Robinson Advisory as part of our UK business delegation in Boston. It was great to meet Cazana’s chief executive Tom Wood earlier today. I wish you all the best with your new transatlantic partnership”.

Tom Wood, chief executive of Cazana said: “We’ve long recognised the US market as a huge opportunity for our innovative auto data. Having assessed a number of potential partners, we are excited to be partnering with Ed Robinson and his team who are superbly well connected in the US Auto leasing and manufacturer space. Together we see a significant opportunity in enabling finance and leasing products on new and older used vehicles and we’re looking forward to growing the US market opportunity together.”