Consumer credit comparison site has been launched by fintech group Quint Group.

Currently the site features a panel of over 200 lenders and providers across personal loans, car loans, business loans as well as credit cards and mortgages. It also provides access to regulated advice for life insurance, critical illness and whole of life insurance.

The site lists two lenders under the dedicated motor personal loan tab: My Car Credit, and Carfinance 247. The latter is currently listed among the sites ‘top rated providers.’

It uses Quint’s proprietary ‘Smart Search’ function to allow the customers to make a single application to multiple lenders at the same time without needing to contact them directly.

Greg Cox, chief executive and co-founder of Quint, said: “MoneyGuru is much more than just a standard comparison site, it brings together our cutting edge technology, tools and mobile experience alongside a huge number of credit providers and wisdom to enable consumers to make more enlightened financial decisions.

“Since the UK site launched, we have already had over 20,000 visitors and have plans to launch in the US and Australia next year.

“We feel we have the consumer credit experience, a unique brand and an intuitive and sophisticated platform which can lead the UK’s credit comparison market.”

Quint currently owns and operates four consumer credit business channels, including MoneyGuru.