DSG Financial Services has launched Connected Car Services (CCS), a distinct brand from DSG, offering brokering and other services with a focus on independent dealers.

The new division is headed by Laura Barker, who first joined DSG over six years ago following a career working at numerous dealerships.

Speaking to Motor Finance, Barker said that DSG’s proposition has traditionally looked after AM100 dealers and large car supermarkets predominantly. “We believe we have the right proposition there, so why should a customer not experience the same service going into a used car dealer? And the dealers themselves, why should they not have the same service, technology, compliance and support that everybody else does?” she said.

DSG said a number of dealers in the independent space are currently confused by new legislation or afraid of making an honest mistake and getting punished. As such, the broker said, some used car dealers are opting not to offer finance altogether.

Connected Car Finance has been designed to alleviate some of these risks for the dealers, using technology and knowledge designed as DSG, but tailored for independent vendors.

Richard Hoggart, chief executive officer at DSG said: “Our group has a long history of helping car dealerships, but the world has moved on. What makes the Connected Car Finance brand unique is its ability to simplify a complex process. We jump through all the hoops for dealers, taking them out of the process entirely by using tech to provide finance options that are transparent, compliant, affordable and flexible.

Barker added: “Our idea works because it is simple. No other lender is out there offering the different products, at the different levels of risk, we do. This means we can help dealers offer finance without them having to worry about the Financial Conduct Authority. Local used car dealers have been trusted members of the community for years. We’re just helping them stay that way, and prosper in the 21st century.”