A recent study of the most popular EVs has revealed their average zero-to-60mph speed is just 4.4 seconds – faster than 63% of modern-day petrol and diesel performance cars. 

The study by Gridserve, a provider of sustainable energy and financing, has compared EV performance with over 1,899 traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) performance cars, as well as weighing up the relative cost of these cars. 

It wasn’t until 1939, with the release of the Lagonda V23 Le Mans, that a car demonstrated it could reach 0-60mph in under eight seconds. Since then, the average 0-60mph time has dropped to 3.8 seconds – an increase in speed of 5.8% per decade, the report says.

By comparison, the average EV has seen its 0-60mph time drop from 5.7 seconds to 4.4 just in the last year – a reduction of 22.8%. 

According to Gridserve, deducing future projections based on these findings would suggest EVs are just years away from taking the lead. With EVs costing less than £100,000 expected to hit an average 0-60mph time of 3.1 seconds by 2030, petrol vehicles will be half a second behind on 3.6 seconds.

One of the key findings from the Gridserve report is that the Tesla Model 3 is able to outrun nine in ten ICE performance cars, for over £250,000 cheaper. 

“Capable of 0-60mph in just 3.2 seconds, the Model 3 Performance can outrun 90% of petrol and diesel performance cars – equivalent to 1,716 of them … It’ll even edge the £312,845 V12-engined Purosangue despite being less than a fifth of the price,” Gridserve said in a statement.