Ford has launched an online webstore in the US, allowing customers to purchase and finance new vehicles via an online dealer website.

Through the new dealership website, customers are able to purchase and finance their vehicle on their mobile device or PC, after which they’ll need to sign the final paperwork when they collect the vehicle.

The website has the functionality to choose finance terms, apply for the credit and receive a decision.

Ford said it found 83% of Americans would like to spend as littler time in the dealership as possible when shopping or buying a car in a survey it conducted of 1,000 people. Many of those same people still wanted to touch and feel their new vehicle before totally completing the transaction.

Currently the online platform is available at Ricart Ford in Ohio, but the company plans to roll it out to dealerships across the US.

Rick Ricart, sales and marketing vice president at Ricart Ford, said: “Technology is transforming just about every type of financed consumer purchase, and this new digital capability will help make that change for automotive purchases and deliver great experiences.”

The platform uses IT firm AutoFi’s technology and platform. Ford Credit also made an equity investment in AutoFi following the deal.