Ford plans to release its online mobility app ‘Ford Pass’ in the UK and a number of other EU countries including Germany, later in the summer Motor Finance was told at a Ford Smart Mobility event during London Technology Week.

The app, which is currently available in the US, aims to keep drivers connected with their car through their mobile devices, as part of the company’s plan to shift from being just an auto company to an auto and mobility company.

In the US, where car payments are often manually paid each month, rather than through direct debit, users are able to make their Ford Credit payments via the app. The spokesperson was not able to say whether the Ford Credit functionality of the app would be altered in order to adjust to local markets when it launches outside of the US.

The app boasts a number of other functions, including some remote controls for the vehicle. In the US, the app is able to unlock doors, and even start the car.

Users are also able to book cars in for a service, and check petrol levels, find parking, among a number of other functions.
According to, some form of carsharing functionality will be coming to the US in 2016 as well.