Almost half of motorists restrict their use of fuel to reduce their cost of driving, according to a survey by Smart Driver Club.

Smart Driver Club was founded in 2004 by Penny Searles, and provides insurance and technology services for motorists.

In the survey of 200 motorists, the Kettering-based car insurance provider found that 48% admitted to using less fuel in an attempt to save money, while 44% said they were using their car less.

Shopping around for insurance was the most popular way to try and reduce motoring costs, with 63% taking this route. A quarter of motorists put off purchasing their next car due to concerns over costs.

Smart Driver Club found that 16% of respondents were considering downsizing their car to save money, and 9% sought to switch their insurance to a usage-based system which used telematics.

Mike Brewer, brand ambassador for Smart Driver Club, said: “It’s worth considering what you can do to seriously upgrade your current motor and possibly get cheaper insurance too. It starts with getting connected.”