Vehicle data provider Hpi is planning on launching a ‘Recall Check’ product, allowing used car buyers to find out if a vehicle they are looking to purchase has been officially recalled by the manufacturer.

Hpi said that the UK automotive industry currently has one of the highest recall and repair success rates in the world, exceeding 90%. Yet this still potentially leaves a large number of vehicles which have, for whatever reason, missed out on manufacturer recalls, and could therefore be unsafe.

The recall flags that HPI check against are always safety related, and will determine if a manufacturer has identified a pattern of problems that need to be fixed by official dealers.

The data is being powered by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) Vehicle Safety Recall data.

Ian Rendle, managing director of Cap Hpi, said: "If a manufacturer spots a series of problems with a vehicle, it will recall the cars affected so those faults can be fixed free of charge. But, through no fault of the manufacturer, there are instances when a recall notice is missed, such as when a vehicle is transferred between owners.

"Now, however, used car buyers can quickly and easily check whether their potential purchase has been recalled by the manufacturer, removing any risk of them driving a vehicle that could have a safety flaw. Crucially, the Hpi Recall Check is the only check that provides recall information on a specific vehicle using the vehicle’s number plate."