Epyx’s 1link Service Network can be adapted to post-sale problems for dealers who retail used cars to a national customer base online.

Marc Lees, business development director, explained that when a car was delivered to a customer living distant from the supplying dealer which went on to develop a fault, there was usually no easy way of carrying out a fix.

“Success seen in digital channels over recent years means that more and more dealers are developing a larger geographical sales footprint. While their customers will tend to have a local bias, an increasing number will come from all corners of the UK.

“This growing national buyer base presents valuable sales opportunities but also creates a problem. If you sell a car to someone living out of the dealer’s locality and a problem arises in the weeks after it has been delivered, how do you resolve the issue?

“Asking the customer to travel all the way to you is probably unreasonable and sending someone to collect the car is potentially very expensive. What you need is a trusted supplier situated locally to the customer who can give you a fixed price for the work needed.”

epyx’s 1link Service Network platform is used by vehicle operators who together operate more than four million vehicles to manage service, maintenance and repair needs.

“1link provides a solution that enables vehicle retailers to source repairs locally right across the country. There are thousands of franchise dealers, independent garages and fast fits in every part of the UK who are members of our pre-existing, high-quality network, meaning that there will be a supplier near to just about every used car buyer.

“The supplying dealer can make a booking online for the rectifying work needed, know what it will cost them before they approve the job, and sort the problem with their customer’s car quickly and easily.”

Lees added that epyx now had a number of online retailers already using 1link Service Network to solve these challenges, and were in the process of implementing the strategy for a major franchise dealer group that sells cars to a national audience.

“We are now extending this offer to other used car dealers with a wide sales footprint and expect interest to be high.”

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