The Nordics division of cosmetics company, L’Oréal, has appointed independent fleet management provider Fleet Logistics, to manage its fleet of 380 vehicles in four Scandinavian countries.

Fleet logistics will be responsible for all aspects of fleet management for L’Oréal Nordics’ vehicles in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Fleet Logistics will handle all vehicle acquisitions, leasing contracts and new car delivery for the Nordics fleet, employing its acclaimed multi-bidding solution to select the most attractive acquisition costs for each new vehicle added.

Jean-Baptiste Pivard, purchasing manager at L’Oréal Nordics said: "We are looking for an ROI of five times our investment from appointing Fleet Logistics to manage our fleet. Such has been the success of their appointment and the improvement in efficiency of our fleet, that there are now discussions about the management of other parts of the L’Oréal European fleet.

"We are also discussing the possibility of introducing additional services in the future with Fleet Logistics, including accident management and driver training as a means of reducing our accident costs."

Fleet Logistics currently operates in 27 countries throughout the world, with a fleet of around 180,000 vehicles under contract.