Vehicle remarketer Manheim has launched a new pre-auction inspection service called SureCheck, replacing its ‘Assured’ programme.

As part of SureCheck, Manheim vehicle inspectors will carry out detailed vehicle checks on three different levels – Gold, Silver and Bronze – covering up to 56 different points on each vehicle, such as the engine, transmission, steering and brakes.

After the vehicle inspection, a SureCheck checklist is produced, which informs potential buyers about the condition of the vehicle, with details of any components that did not pass the relevant check points. The inspection report, including checklist, is viewable by online buyers, as well as those in the hall, with the information attached to the vehicle windscreen.

From the date of vehicle acceptance, buyers have five days to notify Manheim of an issue with a component that was certified as working during the specified checks – two days longer than previously offered with Manheim Assured. To ensure full transparency, the problem reporting process will be administered by AutoProtect Administration.

Manheim said that if a customer finds, within five days of purchase, that a specified component which was certified as working, is not working, it would to repair the vehicle.