Stock funding provider NextGear Capital will operate in the Republic of Ireland from September 1st.

According to the company, Irish dealers will be able to buy stock across a number of Irish remarketing channels and make use of the ‘dual currency’ application to buy stock from UK channels as well.

David Mercer, managing director of NextGear Capital, said: "We have been planning our entry into the Irish market for some time working with a series of remarketing partners. Now, we are ready to help dealers to benefit from the improving economy.

"Sales of both cars and LCVs are up this year and the economic outlook is very positive. Credit rating expert Moody’s expects Ireland’s economy to grow considerably faster than the euro area average over the near to medium term. Unemployment is now under 10% and Irish sentiment for businesses is reported to be at an 8 year high. Against this backdrop the opportunity for forward-looking motor dealers is encouraging and we are ready to support them."