Octopus Energy has unveiled Electroverse, its electric vehicle (EV) public charging product aimed at the business community.

The new product, which is in the Beta phase, will allow businesses to manage their EV fleets through an online platform.

Companies can view and download charging history details like where and when charges took place and how much they cost. It can be broken down by group or individual driver. All charges appear in one consolidated invoice, enabling a full overview of the business’ EV charges at the tap of a finger. 

The Electroverse EV roaming service app gives them access to over 430,000 public charge points from over 470 brands globally. Charging is done via the Electroverse card.

Drivers will be able to access Electroverse’s features like the interactive global map showing chargers and availability, a route planner to plan journeys and in-car support with Apple CarPlay and AndroidAuto.

It comes as EVs continue to climb in popularity with over 20,000 new car deliveries in April alone.

Matt Davies, director of Octopus Electroverse, said: “Electroverse is revolutionising EV public charging, with just one card and app to use with hundreds of charge point brands.

“This will be a game-changer for companies making the switch and will help them manage their EVs easier than ever before.” 

They’re first targeting SMEs, with an ambition to be for businesses of all shapes and sizes later this year.

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