PricewaterhouseCooper’s (PwC) head of asset finance is to depart the company after eleven years.

Paul Nash will be joining car finance provider Creditplus as a 50% shareholder. Prior joining PwC in 2007, Nash had worked for Arthur Andersen and Deloitte from 1996. Following graduation from Loughborough University in 1984, Nash worked at then named PriceWaterhouse for a first eleven year stint.

In his career as a tax and leasing specialist, Nash worked on projects such as the privatisation of British Rail, and the expansion of GE Capital across asset classes. Further specialisms adopted by Nash over his career include areas as varied as aircraft leasing and SME finance.

Creditplus are an online based car supply company, offering delivery to work and home addresses for consumers. In 2004 Creditplus was the first company in the UK to sell a used car online to a customer that had not physically seen the car.

Speaking to Leasing Life/Motor Finance, Nash explained his motivations to depart PwC for Creditplus: “After deciding I wanted to go somewhere new I was offered to buy into a chain of cafes, but eventually I came around full circle and said I should really do something I enjoy and I know and that’s asset finance.

Creditplus are a used car finance company, and I’ve gone for cars because out of all the types of assets I’ve financed cars are the most complex and interesting. I’ve also been approached on a number of non-executive director roles so that might be something I’d consider.”

Nash left his position at PwC in December, and will take up his position at Creditplus from 2019 onwards.

Giving a further overview of the current position of the asset finance industry, Nash said: “I would say the asset finance industry is in a good place, and something I have seen in recent years is how important it’s been to SMEs. Having asset finance there is actually incredibly important not just to SMEs but also to the UK economy so long may it last. I also think the sooner we can promote leasing as a viable job within the industry I think the better.”