Santander Consumer Finance (SCF) has launched its Go Green initiative, designed to help consumers offset the carbon emission associated with their vehicle.

The programme has been launched in partnership with iOffset, a carbon reduction and offsetting as a service (OaaS) provider.

Carbon dioxide emissions are the principle cause of climate change and the average car in the UK generates 2 tonnes of CO2 per year (based on 10,000 miles pa).  SCF are offering customers the option to contribute towards their carbon offset, to compensate for emissions that are unavoidable.

Contributions made to iOffset will be invested through accredited Gold Standard, Verra and UN Backed carbon offsetting projects around the world, such as afforestation schemes, renewable energy and emerging technologies in carbon capture and storage. Part of the contribution will also go towards a UK based tree planting charity.

Vik Hill, chief executive of Santander Consumer Finance, said: “Measuring, managing and reducing environmental impact, is an essential part of being a Responsible Bank.

“SCF is committed to contributing to the protection of the environment and reducing its footprint, in the countries it operates in. I am delighted that we can now provide our customers with an option to offset their carbon emissions.”

Mark Hammond, founder of iOffset, added: “We are delighted to be partnering with SCF to support their Go Green initiative, enabling consumers to take positive action towards climate change. Modern eco-conscious car buyers are aware of the impact and consequence of their driving emissions, and with thanks to the SCF Go Green initiative we expect thousands of consumers to offset their vehicle emissions.”

Santander Group has also committed to becoming carbon neutral in 2020 by offsetting all the emissions generated by its own operations and committed to source all its electricity from renewable sources, where possible, by 2025.

In September, SCF announced plans to launch an online marketplace for dealers looking for a better way to market their vehicles.

Labelled ‘Your Red Car’, the marketplace aims to help dealers sell more cars online with a reduced marketing overhead while offering the customer a reward for each successful purchase. The onboarding programme started at the beginning September and will continue through to the end of the year.