Global software provider Sofico has opened a new office in the Netherlands in an attempt to better service its Dutch fleet, retail and wholesale customers.

The new office is based in Houten, near Utrecht, and is headed up by business unit leader René Vermeij.

The subsidiary has replaced a unit which was based in the company’s head office in Ghent, Belgium, that was made up of 20-25 native Dutch speakers.

Sofico’s current portfolio of six Dutch customers manages a total of around 140,000 leasing contracts and 145,000 retail finance contracts. These include Volkswagen Pon Financial Services NL, Sofico’s first retail customer in the Netherlands.

VWPFS will shortly be joined by BMW Financial Services which has just begun its initial implementation of Miles, Sofico’s hybrid contract management system for fleet, retail and wholesale customers.

Vermeij said: “There was a clear need to open a new local office focused solely on the Dutch automotive market which has huge potential for us, especially on the retail side.

“Currently, we have six staff based at Houten, but we are in the middle of a recruitment drive with the intention of getting that up to around 10 by the end of the year and to a full complement of 25 as quickly as possible.”

He added that the Dutch automotive market offered Sofico considerable opportunities, perhaps less so on the more traditional and mature fleet and leasing side of the market but increasingly in the retail finance sector and within personal leasing.