Solera has introduced its consolidated fleet solution in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

The new end-to-end fleet management ecosystem, called Solera Fleet Solutions, is slated to launch across Europe in autumn 2022.

In a research by Solera, 65% of fleet decision-makers opined that more customers want speedy deliveries while 79% of them said they are under pressure to make deliveries in a quicker and more efficient manner.

Solera Fleet Solutions has three main offerings that include Solera Protect, Solera Mentor and Solera Roadnet Anywhere.

Solera Protect is a video-safety solution for small to mid-sized fleets aimed at helping them understand what incidents have happened on the road and why.

It identifies driver behaviour and provides feedback to enhance safety. The solution can also help fleets if they face legal action following an accident and protect them from fraudulent claims.

Solera Mentor, which is an app powered by closed-loop, driver behaviour-based safety programmes, is said to help customers reduce collisions, injuries, licence violations, carbon emissions, and the total cost of vehicle ownership.

Additionally, it identifies risky driving behaviour and addresses the issue via n-app micro-training coaching, rewards, and gamification.

A SaaS software suite, Solera Roadnet Anywhere is designed to optimise the costs and resources of fleets’ “last mile” logistics operations.

Solera VP of fleet solutions Mark Tiana: “Fleets are telling us they are currently facing the greatest challenges in a decade – driver shortages, rising operational costs, and data overload – creating a perfect storm.

“Yet, the technology solutions they have in place are not helping them solve these problems, they are just adding to the noise. That is why we are launching Solera Fleet Solutions in EMEA – to provide fleets with meaningful insights that make fleet managers and drivers’ jobs and lives easier, improving efficiency, and the bottom line.”