Two thirds (66%) of sales leads on in the first of 2016 were from a mobile device, according to the vehicle buying and selling site.

The company said this marked a significant development from 2015, where across the wider retail industry, the majority of consumers completed a purchase from an online shopping basked via a desktop.

Dermot Kelleher, director of marketing and business intelligence at said: “While desktop visitors are just as important, we understand that consumers are now busier than ever and have worked hard to ensure that the visual hierarchy in the mobile and tablet layout is orientated around giving car buyers the right information quickly and easily. This means giving prominence to key calls to action including click-to-call and email dealer buttons, as well as fast access to the dealers’ location, vital when car buyers are out and about.

“The market cannot ignore that more than two-thirds of consumers use mobile devices when looking for their next vehicle and we fully expect this to rise as data costs come down in price and 4G coverage increases. We will continue to update our mobile services to ensure visitors are given an engaging and fluid user experience and we encourage dealers to think the same when reviewing their own websites.”