Last year saw automotive dealers complete 3.3 million eVHCs (electronic vehicle health checks) on customer cars using REALtime Communications’ platform to identify £1.43bn of incremental aftersales work, the RTC said in a statement.

With the aftersales sector facing the challenges of a shift to EVs and the cost of living crisis, “it is clear that there are opportunities available for dealers to help customers keep their vehicles safe, reliable and efficient,” the company said.

Richard Robinson

Richard Robinson, COO of REALtime Communications, said:

“The beauty of our eVHC platform is that it helps dealers to identify such work. Having identified a huge amount of work, the focus for dealers now must be on converting even more of it.”

The company said in a statement: “That over 50% of identified urgent ‘red’ work is converted into workshop traffic represents a sales and service experience gain for dealers, but it also crystalises the potential that could be fulfilled. The position for non-urgent ‘amber’ work is even greater.”

Robinson said: “In 2023, the importance of increasing work identified by our eVHCs that last year represented circa £950m of revenue that was either completed by another business or, with its inherent risks, was ignored by customers. Bridging this gap this year represents a significant opportunity.”

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