VEV, the e-fleet company backed by Vitol, today launches its software to the UK fleet and commercial vehicle sector.

VEV offers organisational e-fleet software. The software encompasses the planning and delivery of the electrification of the fleet, as well as ongoing fleet management services.

VEV aids the rollout of fleet transition and includes the building of charging infrastructure, supply of electric vehicles, software and data platforms, flexible charging solutions, energy and storage and flexible payment options.

Mike Nakrani, CEO of VEV, said: “Responsible companies are looking to electrify their fleets and reduce emissions. The process can be complex and costly and we aim to address that.

“Every fleet is unique, which is why [an] […]offering that considers their business needs and understands their transition is essential.”

Chris Bake, a member of the executive committee at Vitol, said: “Vitol is investing in the energy transition. To date, we have committed over $2 billion to sustainable projects and we are continuously looking to deploy our capital and expertise to transition the transport sector. VEV is a key pillar to decarbonising commercial fleets in the UK.”

VG Mobility, also owned by Vitol, operates 400 electric buses and has installed more than 200 150kw chargers for its partners.

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