Remarketing agreements with Manheim

GMAC Finance and FCE Bank have extended their agreements with
Manheim Auctions
The auction company will dispose of vehicles returned to GMAC
through early termination, repossession or from PCP customers for
three more years from 2009.

Manheim will run a dedicated sales programme for GMAC’s fully
reconditioned stock at five of its auction centres – Bristol,
Birmingham, Glasgow, Rotherham and Wimbledon. 

Cooperation between GMAC and Manheim Auctions started in 1999.
With the current deal, the number of cars being disposed of
annually will increase to around 9,000.

FCE Bank, meanwhile, will have seven dedicated monthly sales for
its stock at Manheim’s sites, with two Ford and Mazda sales per
month at Haydock and two at Rotherham, Land Rover and Jaguar sales
at Rotherham, and a Jaguar, Land Rover and Volvo sale at
Colchester. CV sales days will also occur on a monthly