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Get on the merry-go-round, talk to each other

Dealers and brokers should make the most of the disjointed industry, says Graham Hill. However, dealers and brokers can capitalise on market conditions and the insecurity of banks and customers but only if funders and manufacturers communicate like never before

Points of view: Graham Hill

The two groups that the new EU Consumer Credit Directive was aimed at and seems totally to have ignored.

Rip-Off Britain gets it wrong

His attack was out of proportion in my opinion why not educate consumers about the reality of consolidation loans and let them decide for themselves, rather than describe them as dangerous and dismiss them out of hand?

Graham Hill: Electric dreams? Think again

There are now a number of manufacturers committed to manufacturing these milk floats made to look like cars, helped along by the governments commitment to subsidising the move from petroldiesel to electric.

The Arranger: Good marketing is vital

Often an audience member with an authoritative voice asks a dopey question but manages to gain approval from the rest of the group. One such daft question that I get asked more than any other is: “How can leasing your car be any good when you pay out all that money and have nothing to show at the end?”

The Arranger: Old product, new product

At a recent meeting of the good and the great from the motor finance industry, at Buckingham University, somebody complained about a lack of new products.

The Arranger: Websites are no match for skilled brokers

I was talking about the broker industry and the fact that I believe brokers need to get back to some of the old values but apply them to the new, post-recession, economy.

The Arranger: Time for full-blown regulation

Over the years a number of people bought the book and clearly understanding I am the font of all knowledge when it comes to car finance decided to write to me with their problems. While this has often been more than a mild pain in the bottom, it has ensured I get to hear many of the reasons why dealers, lenders and brokers get such a bad name and why this industry is in desperate need of regulation.

The Arranger: Lenders must be more open

Mr Grumpy here again and whilst I dont want to dwell again on end of lease charges, it would help if those that are going to write on the subject write from a position of knowledge.