Chris Stott, Founder of SalesMaster, has been appointed director of alliances at Automotive Transformation Group, a provider of retailing software to the automotive sector.

Stott began his career within the automotive industry as a fleet sales administrator for Wayside Group. He spent 14 years there, acquiring experience in the automotive retail sector – including fleet sales functions and technological responsibility for more than 500 colleagues.

It was here that he created the first version of NetDirector SalesMaster, a database enabling management vehicle inventory, to maximise efficiency across the workforce.

After moving on to Fevore Group, Stott became Group Managing Director for 7 operating companies. And, in 2012, Stott and his team rebuilt NetDirector SalesMaster in the form of a web application.

Stott first became associated with Automotive Transformation Group when they acquired NetDirector SalesMaster in 2021. Since then, he has been Product Director for Inventory and Fleet solutions.

In his new role, Chris Stott will be responsible for the acquisition of new international opportunities. He will continue to work closely with the product teams.

When asked about the appointment, Chief Executive Officer Tim Smith said, “Since the acquisition in 2021, Chris has continued to drive innovation in our product suite. Real-time inventory management is critical to delivering seamless omnichannel retailing for automotive, regardless of whether you’re working within a traditional franchise network or an agency model.”

Chris Stott added, “I am thrilled to be appointed Director of Alliances at Automotive Transformation Group […]

“For me, it was crucial that vehicle management was a central and fully integrated part of Automotive Transformation Group’s product strategy. Now, my next challenge is to take our integrated product set to a wider market.”

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