carwow, a marketplace for buying new and used cars, is extending its partnership with Direct Affinity Europe.

The extended partnership builds on carwow’s 12 months alliance with Direct Affinity Europe to assist customers looking to sell their vehicles.

carwow is a platform that enables more than 3,000 dealers all over the UK to bid on a consumer’s car.

The Direct Affinity Europe acts as a ‘concierge’ to carwow customers, cataloguing the vehicles, and providing ‘accurate and fair’ assessments of where to pitch the pricing of the car.

carwow operations director Joana Fernandes said: “Direct Affinity Europe have worked with us from the introduction of our car-selling service. They have been a great partner, using their automotive customer service experience to help us shape the consumer experience, making it easy and enjoyable to use.

“They have also been able to use their in-house GENBA software and systems to provide additional insight to help us build a comprehensive picture of where we can look to improve the outcome for all parties.

“We look forward to driving things forward over the coming months, helping to make carwow the leading platform of its kind”

Direct Affinity Europe CEO Phil Williams said: “We have been delighted to have worked with an incredible brand like carwow on this innovative proposition, helping them shape the customer journey.

“We have a great deal of experience of working with automotive retailers and we see the carwow partnership as a brilliant way of qualifying and connecting used car sellers with retailers in a manner that ensures both parties get the best of outcomes.”

In July this year, the company launched a new website to enable dealers to buy used cars from customers across the UK.