For ‘just’ £5,493,000, you could lease the entire royal fleet – two Bentleys, three Rolls Royce limousines, and two historic coaches – for your very own procession, car leasing comparison web portal, has calculated.

But if tradition is more your style, and £5m isn’t quite in your price range, then the Gold State Coach alone could be yours for just under £30,000 a month if leased on a three-year term, though you may have to pay a little extra for the eight Windsor Greys, nine walking grooms, six footmen and four Yeoman of the Guard that go with it.

Royal fans along the 1.3-mile route will be treated to a wheeled spectacular like no other. The Diamond Jubilee State Coach and the traditional Gold State Coach are rarely seen, while the Bentley Limousines are ‘two-of-a-kind’, built to commemorate the 2002 Golden Jubilee of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

The armour-plated vehicles are estimated to be worth more than £10 million each. If the King was to consider leasing, for a total £8 million saving, he could drive both for an estimated £167,000 a month.

The collection of Rolls-Royce Phantoms, valued at just under £5 million, are similarly impressive comprising a 1978 Phantom VI, 1987 Phantom VI and the ‘one-of-eight’ 1950 Phantom IV.

Diamond Jubilee State Coach

While considered sovereign property, and not privately owned vehicles, if the Royal Family decided to lease, they could save a whopping £1.4 million over a 36-month leasing term.

The value of Royal Carriages is particularly hard to calculate, especially given the Gold State Coach was commissioned over 250 years ago, and no ‘official’ costing has ever been placed upon the Australian-built Diamond Jubilee State Coach. However, with the original price of the Diamond Jubilee State Coach was £7,562 in 1760. In today’s currency, it can be estimated to be worth around £3.5 million.

Aston Martin DB6 Volante

Arguably the most unique car in his collection, the privately owned converted bio-gas DB6 Volante, recently valued at over £2 million, is a particular head-turner. While it is for personal use, the distinctly modified Aston Martin is an impressive sight to see and will be a sad omission from the Royal Procession.

Dave Timmis, CEO of, said the cost savings one can make in leasing a vehicle can be significant: “The cost-of-living crisis has highlighted affordability as being a main focus for consumers as shown in the profile of vehicles and terms selected on

“While an Aston Martin or Rolls-Royce can be considered out of the picture for most, our research shows that leasing certainly helps the average motorist find their dream vehicles in an attainable fashion.”

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