Software company Epyx has launched a range of eight remarketing modules for motor finance, vehicle leasing and other fleets.

The modules are based on technology from the company’s 1link Disposal Network platform, which allows fleet operators to authorise and manage vehicle maintenance on a single platform.

Debbie Fox, commercial director for Epyx, said the modules were created in response to changing consumer needs during the pandemic.

“Digitisation has been one of the key trends of the pandemic period, with many businesses utilising the time and opportunity afforded by successive lockdowns to rethink how they can use technology in new and creative ways,” said Fox.

“This is certainly something that we have seen in relation to remarketing, with motor finance, vehicle leasing and other major fleets looking to maximise the effectiveness of their defleeting strategies, whether ex-fleet stock or retail PCP returns.

“However, not all of them need our entire 1link Disposal Network to implement these new strategies, so we have reacted by making key elements available on a modular basis, allowing existing and potential customers to access the exact digital tools that they require.

“The eight module range means fleets can, on one hand, stay on top of their remarketing programme, minimise administration and maintain relationships with partners while, on the other, identify new opportunities, use data more strategically and develop insights.”

The new modules are titled Sales Booster, Logistics Organiser, Inspector, Damage Recharger, Auction Operator, Task Manager, Online Sales Simplifier and Data Analyser.

Fox added: “These modules, we believe, provide the means for fleets to take control of their defleet digitisation in exactly the manner they desire. While the final shape of the new normal is very much in flux, they make the right technology available at all times.”