Digital car repair management platform Fixico has announced the expansion of its offerings to the UK.

The platform allows rental, leasing, insurance, and fleet management companies to connect with repairers and suppliers.

It aims to increase efficiency and minimise vehicle off-road time by matching the most suitable repairer for each vehicle based on factors such as distance, availability, and costs among others.

Using the platform, both businesses and repairers can keep track of all repairs and review real-time insights via a dashboard.

With the expansion to the UK, Fixico is now present in ten countries.

Fixico’s international partners can now leverage the platform for their UK operations and new UK-based businesses and repairers can access its services.

Fixico CEO and founder Derk Roodhuyzen de Vries said: “The automotive landscape is ever-evolving, and we see significant opportunities for digital transformation. We have always had the UK on our roadmap, as it is a multi-billion pound market, where we can introduce cutting-edge technology to established processes and build a digital, more efficient vehicle servicing ecosystem.”

Manchester-based Intelligent Vehicle Services, which manages car repairs for clients such as insurers, fleet operators and insurance brokers, will be among the first clients of Fixico in the UK.

Intelligent Vehicle Services managing director John Boyce said: “We chose to work with Fixico because we believe their platform is truly changing the game across Europe.

“They offer impressive data insights and with their seamless integration to existing systems, there was no reason not to work together. We look forward to digitalising our repair management, allowing for more transparency and efficiency for our customers.”

Recently, a study from Activate Group revealed that a complex repair process for EV and hybrid vehicles saw much longer average key-to-key times in comparison to internal combustion engine cars.