Privately owned automotive retail group, Harwoods, has launched an e-commerce platform as part of its two-year digital transformation project in partnership with global digital agency, DEPT.

Harwoods, a retail partner of luxury car manufacturers including Aston Martin, Bentley, Jaguar, Land Rover and McLaren, has launched its first e-commerce site to compete with disruptive, online-only dealerships.

The dynamic and scalable e-commerce solution fuels Harwoods’ growth ambitions to scale nationally, opening doors to new markets and digital-savvy customers.

Aligning its established network of showrooms with digital expansion hopes to give Harwoods a competitive advantage over online-only automotive dealerships, taking the best elements of in-person and online sales to offer a hybrid car buying experience, the company said in a statement.

Archie Harwood, CEO, Harwoods, said “We’re proud to have brought the Harwoods brand to the forefront of the digital age, now offering a connected experience across online and offline channels empowering all types of customers to buy a car the way they want to.”

As well as opening a new sales channel for the automotive group, the e-commerce platform sets the standard for digital car buying, streamlining an end-to-end purchasing experience.

The intuitive online experience puts the consumer in the driver’s seat. Letting them cruise through the process with a personalised interface and simplified journey, as well as transparent and easy-to-follow pages, pre-filled forms, and support
offered along the way.

The newly digitised business model provides Harwoods with an accurate inventory (both in-store and online), as well as extensive consumer behaviour data, according to Brian Robinson, UK Managing Director, Dept.