The Motor Finance Europe Conference in Berlin on October 20 involved a full day of discussion and panel debate that included a who’s who in the motor finance industry across Europe, featuring key speakers and guests representing Mercedes-Benz Auto FinanceMoxoKPMGSantanderiVendiBerylls Strategy AdvisorsTesla Financial ServicesFCA BankInfoCertCRIFClose Brothers Motor FinanceFICONETSOLErnixToyota Financial ServicesExperianVolvo Financial ServicesAutoTraderScriveQuicktrakCreditPlus Bank


Conference introduction by Alejandro Gonzalez, editor of Motor Finance Online

Session 1: What is the changing future of the motor finance industry in uncertain times?

Klaus Entenmann, chairman of the board of Mercedes-Benz Auto Finance
Martin de Heus, EMEA director, enterprise and corporate solutions, Moxo
Christopher Lay, associate partner, Berylls Strategy Advisors leads the panel discussion with Entenmann, de Heus, Zimmermann, Gunther and Bennett

Session 2: What are the new operating and new finance models?

Luca Pollan, head of ICT, FCA Bank
Michele Guido Mario Lavvizzari, chief international development officer, InfoCert
Richard Cowley, principle consultant, FICO

Session 3: How to adopt a flexible approach to mobility?

Johan Hoff, SVP region Europe North & Central / Global Head of EaaS, Volvo Financial Services

Session 4: What does the future of digitalisation in the motor finance sector look like?

Joan Leandro, CEO, Mobilize Financial Services, Ross Oliver (Quiktrak), Thomas Nokin, CEO, Basikon, Niklas Fehrm (Scrive) and Fiona Mackay, head of finance and leasing, AutoTrader, leads the discussion
Daniel Eschbach, chief commercial officer, CreditPlus Bank