The Certificate for Automotive Finance Specialists (CertAutoFS), a professional qualification for those working in motor finance, has launched.

The qualification was developed through a partnership of the Finance & Leasing Association (FLA) and the financial education university college, ifs University College.

According to the FLA, the exam is designed for staff who have already acquired the FLA’s existing online SAF test, as a next step.

The qualification looks at the legal and regulatory framework of the industry, the products, processes and principles employed, methods for improving customer service and retention, and management techniques.

Adrian Dally, head of motor finance at the FLA, said: "At a time when firms are still getting to grips with the Financial Conduct Authority’s consumer credit regime, the development of SAF Advanced shows the industry’s commitment to invest in its staff.

"Awareness of the regulatory framework is vital for anyone working in motor finance, and the focus on customer service makes this qualification a great contribution to firms’ own training programmes."

Motor Finance spoke to the ifs about the qualification, including what the award entails and how it was developed. Read more here.