The government is highly unlikely to remove the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme, according to the Retail Ombudsman, which said it has sounded out a number of government agencies on the topic.

Dean Dunham, chief ombudsman at the ADR, said: "One of the most successful and widely welcomed EU directives in the history of the European Union gave consumers in the UK greater scope to resolve disputes via Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) with retailers and traders without the need to get into costly court proceedings. This has laid the foundations for ADR and in my opinion, it is here to stay.

"In the run-up to last week’s referendum, we took numerous soundings from government agencies and the feeling was unanimous – why would any government wish to abolish ADR and rob the consumer of their free and easy way of sorting out their complaints?

"Every constituent is a consumer so put quite simply, it would be electoral suicide."