On-street electric vehicle (EV) charging network Connected Kerb, and charging provider Fastned have launched on the Allstar-Zapmap network. This means fleet drivers can pay for charging at Connected Kerb and Fastned sites using the Allstar One Electric card within the Zapmap app.

On the Zapmap app, users can add their Allstar One Electric card. Users can then pay for electric vehicle (EV) charging across the UK’s charge point networks, which now include Connected Kerb, ESB, Fastned, MFG EV Power and Osprey.

This single-app payment method removes the need to carry a physical RFID card.

Connected Kerb’s comprises almost 2,400 fast-charging devices in car parks and on residential streets. Last year, Connected Kerb announced plans to install 190,000 public on-street chargers by 2030.

Tom Rowlands, FLEETCOR managing director, including UK brand, Allstar, said:

“Essential to the continued rapid expansion of EV infrastructure in the UK is that the payment process for each and every charging transaction is as seamless as possible.

“By facilitating fleets’ ability to pay to charge across multiple charge points via Zap-Pay, Allstar and Zapmap are helping to ensure this infrastructure continues to be developed at an accelerated rate.”

Chris Pateman-Jones, CEO at Connected Kerb, said:

“Convincing fleets to make the switch to electric will only happen if charging on-the-go is truly hassle-free. We want to make finding, using and paying for a charge as easy as 1,2,3 and deliver a charging experience that drivers love.”

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