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New standard needs simplicity

The Enron and Worldcom scandals may have emphasised the need to make business dealings more transparent for investors, but even before then the people responsible for setting accounting standards were looking at ways of improving things Whether it is for aeroplanes, office blocks, vehicles or photocopiers, leasing is an increasingly important source of financing for businesses and therefore an obvious area for accounting review.

Taxman offers green incentive for company cars

Taxman offers green incentive for company cars The last Budget introduced some of the biggest changes to company car taxation in over a decade, says John Lewis. The 2008 Budget has shown that the governments gloves are off when it comes to tackling the environmental impact of the UKs four million company cars The changes announced by Chancellor Alistair Darling mean that all motoring taxes now give businesses an incentive to switch to low emission, and therefore more fuel efficient, vehicles

Sharing a common go-getting approach

Sharing a common go-getting approach In an age when middlemen are coming under more and more under pressure from companies looking to sell direct, vehicle leasing brokers continue to buck the trend