Volkswagen Financial Services has launched an online platform for used car sales called HeyCar in Germany.

The website, which will host adverts for cars of any make, will “dispense with any commercial sales promotion or purchased advertisements.”

It is managed by a newly-created Volkswagen subsidiary, Mobility Trader GmbH, where Markus Kröger has been appointed as chief executive officer. Kröger has previously worked in management positions at PayPal and Delivery Hero.

Kröger said: “We would really like to invite all brand dealers to place their cars free of charge with HeyCar. Every brand is welcome.”

Christian Dahlheim, chief sales officer of Volkswagen Financial Services, said: “With our ROUTE2025 strategy, we plan to have around 30 million contracts in our portfolio by 2025. HeyCar is a key instrument with which we intend to develop the used car potential in the market. We will, of course, be continuing our existing initiatives, such as supporting the showroom-based dealerships with training and products.

“With HeyCar, we will not only take away market shares from the current top dogs in the market, and, we also have the aspiration of positioning ourselves in the medium to long term as the Number One platform for premium pre-owned cars in Germany.”

Anthony Bandmann, chairman of the management board of Volkswagen Leasing, said: “HeyCar operates agilely and independently of the [wider Volkswagen] group – it’s a genuine and dynamic start-up. Already by the end of 2017, HeyCar will be working with over 100 affiliated dealers and list more than 70,000 vehicles. By the middle of 2018, HeyCar will then be active throughout the whole of Germany.”

Just a few days ago, Groupe PSA launched a used car portal of their own, named Carventura.