White label motor finance provider Santander
Consumer Finance has extended its contract with auctioneers Manheim
Remarketing until 2015.

The deal means that vehicles at the end of a
variety of customer leases and contract hire from Santander will
continue to be auctioned by Manheim, which will also offers
logistics, storage and reconditioning.

In the UK, Santander Consumer Finance supplies
finance for the Kia, Hyundai, Mazda and Volvo brands and the
vehicles will be auctioned at Manheim’s sites in Bristol,
Colchester, Manchester, Mansfield, and Washington.

Manheim says it has signed 14 new vendor
contracts since September, which has increased the number of
vehicles it can offer for sale by 45,000.

Three of those 14 contracts are from fleet
businesses, including Santander, as well as one large corporate
entity and one manufacturer’s fleet, according to a Manheim