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Warranty Group: Gap changes not as bad as feared
04 March, 2015 As the Financial conduct Authority (FCA) consultation period on the selling of GAP insurance comes to a close, service providers Warranty Group has said that the majority of dealers should only need to make minor changes to the way they sell the...
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Industry spirits high for the first six months
02 March, 2015 Industry professionals were asked to assess the performance of various key industry variables for the first half of 2015. It became evident that they anticipate a continuation of last year’s strong sales and lending figures.
  • Credit where it’s due at subprime lender
    02 March, 2015 The rapidly growing motor finance market has attracted a number of new players into it over the past year or so. While it may seem like relatively easy money, the sheer number of players in the market means that a company needs to find an angle to...
  • Power 50: Leaders in the world of vehicle finance
    22 January, 2015 For the third Motor Power 50 list, we’ve changed things a bit. We still have a top 10 for the 10 most popular responses, but aside from this, all names are listed alphabetically. This year we received an unprecedented response from the industry...
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Automate financial applications to speed up decisions for customers seeking finance
02 March, 2015 Graham Donald explores some of the challenges facing the industry and explains how intelligent automation technology could be the key to meeting them head on
  • The FCA and finance-linked stock funding
    02 March, 2015 Stock funding for used vehicles may not immediately be an area dealers have considered in their preparation for the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) environment.
  • A tale of two extremes
    25 February, 2015 While the FCA has the industry working overtime on themes such as affordability and protecting vulnerable customers, the age old art of credit scoring remains as important today as it did in the past. At least for the majority of the market, that is.
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