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Hood named chairman and CEO of TrustFord
22 December, 2014 Steve Hood has been named as chairman and chief executive officer of TrustFord dealership.
  • European new car sales up 1.3% in November
    19 December, 2014 A total of 989,667 new cars were registered in Europe in November. This was 1.3% more than the amount registered in November 2013, according to data company JATO Dynamics.
  • Weak exports drag UK manufacturing down
    18 December, 2014 The total number of cars manufactured in the UK fell by 277 units year-on-year in November 2014, to 137,347, according to figures released by The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).
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End of an era
02 December, 2014 One of the seeming facts of life is that once you enter the motor finance industry, there is a high chance you’ll never leave it. And while moving to Auto Trader may not seem like a massive jump from this market, the loss of Paul Harrison, head of...
  • Strong sales persist at auction houses
    02 December, 2014 Jonathan Minter examines the remarketing industry to see what has been influencing the market, what the latest trends have been, and how the internet has revolutionised the way auction houses do business.
  • Affordabilty and the rise of big data
    02 December, 2014 Andrew Ballard, principle consultant of Experian's Automotive Business, has a lot on his plate. With the industry increasingly looking at affordability checks, and big data becoming increasingly important, Experian’s numerous services in the...
  • The new sheriff in town
    26 November, 2014 Jonathan Minter speaks to the FCA’s Susan De Mont on the FCA’s views and intentions for the motor finance industry
  • Optimistic outlook for the independents
    13 November, 2014 In an increasingly competitive market, Jonathan Minter speaks to independent lenders about how to stand out in a growing market, the differences between independents and captives, and the future
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Wholesale inventory funding in the UK
02 December, 2014 This is the first half of a two-part extract from a paper Richard Jewitt presented to the Financial Conduct Authority in order to highlight gaps in wholesale inventory funding supervision
  • Moneyway ups lending as finance grows
    02 December, 2014 John Simpson discusses current trends in the car industry, opportunities for motor finance providers, and what to expect in the coming months
  • The Key to Salary Sacrifice Success
    24 November, 2014 Salary Sacrifice is a cost effective and low risk way for many employees who don’t qualify for a company car to have access to a new vehicle, addressing any ‘grey fleet’ issues of using their own car for official business.
  • Business confidence and the used car market
    20 November, 2014 The value of a used car is a function of available supply and consumer demand – if one increases or decreases without the equivalent change in the other, then prices will respond to balance the market. Given that there are many factors that...
  • Meteoric rise of personal contract purchase
    20 November, 2014 The UK seems to have found its new favourite motor finance product with PCP (personal contract purchase) now accounting for 77% of the marketplace. PCP is becoming an increasingly attractive option for car finance with statistics from the Finance...
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