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SMA launches Buy-Back scheme
29 May, 2015 SMA Vehicle Remarketing has launched a Buy-Back service for dealers, enabling them to return vehicles aged between 45 and 50 days.
  • CAP: pressure mounting on used car margins
    29 May, 2015 CAP Automotive has said it has witnessed pressure mount on used car margins in recent months, as low quality stock has increased the refurbishment costs for dealers, in its trade values platform Black Book Live.
  • Academy Leasing sees record finance levels
    28 May, 2015 Academy Leasing, a general asset finance house from Wigan, saw its vehicle leasing business break the £1m (€1.4m) turnover mark in the year ending March 2015.
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Education, education, education
29 May, 2015 As the industry looks to increase the professionalism of its members, a new motor finance qualification, the Certificate for Automotive Finance Specialists, is launching. Jonathan Minter caught up with Gary Sutcliffe of the ifs to discuss who the...
  • Rejuvenated financier celebrates its second first anniversary
    28 April, 2015 In 2014 Paragon Car Finance re-entered the market after a six-year hiatus. Following this anniversary, Jonathan Minter caught up with Julian Rance, head of finance at the company, to talk about how the first year has gone and what the company has...
  • Twenty-first century vision
    30 March, 2015 As the world moves ever closer towards fully autonomous cars, Jonathan Minter investigate the potential of driverless technology
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Can I trust my car to call an ambulance?
18 May, 2015 It has been announced by the European Commission that from April 2018 all new cars and small vans must include eCall, a device which has the ability to call the emergency services in the event of a serious accident.
  • Simple service plans for customer retention
    06 May, 2015 PCPs have long been thought of as the leading tool for customer retention within the motor industry – but the results we have seen over the past couple of years from service plans are very much comparable.
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