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Vehicle values: lower-medium sector

Motorists like the economic running costs associated with a smaller vehicle and the fact they have a car that is equally at home doing the weekly shop, the daily school run or longer-haul motorway driving.

Vehicle values: Commercial 4x4s

The used market for commercial 4x4s is far less fashion-driven than that seen for the urban 4x4s If you need the pulling power or sure-footedness of a proper off-roader then you have to invest in a Land Rover, Free Lander, Range Rover, Grand Cherokee or Shogun according to your budget.

A buyers’ market, but what do they want.?

The economy will remain the key issue for all fleet and leasing companies in 2009. While fleets will be looking for front-end savings, they should also expect price pressure to continue at remarketing time and inventory depreciation will remain a critical factor for any organisation holding large volumes of vehicles.

Cars over 225g per km

Cars over 225 gkm There are a number of issues affecting higher-emission vehicles from whole life and running costs to increased VED and showroom taxes The average motorist is unlikely to have fully grasped the nuances of the new VED system and may just come to the conclusion that each and every large car is subject to a higher tax regime


Estates Knowing what motorists want from an estate car can help the fleet manager not just at remarketing time, but also when making decisions on the front-end purchase What this means is making estates as appealing as possible, particularly if you are running volume rather than premium models.