Despite rising inflation and fluctuating economic conditions, vehicle fleet management provider Alphabet‘s total portfolio remained stable at 700,000 vehicles with an annual order volume of over 200,000 vehicles.

The leasing company operates across the majority of Europe with a mix of Alphabet and OneNet partner locations. Last year, the company expanded, launching services in Canada and Finland.

Sustainability a driving force

Alphabet published figures indicating awareness and demand for sustainable, alternative fleet options continue to build at pace. Its eMobility segment once again showed strong growth in share in 2022. The company’s electrified vehicle portfolio has grown to 53,500 vehicles. Electrified vehicles accounted for 31% of total new business in 2022 and one in three of their vehicles is either partially or fully electric.

“We [increased] the electrified vehicle share of new business by 31% last year”, said Markus Deusing, CEO, Alphabet International.

Demand for flexibility continues

The last few years have demonstrated the importance of flexible mobility solutions. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach for developing the right business travel strategy and organisations are increasingly looking for mobility that provides the agility they need to navigate uncertainty.

A clear demand for flexibility was more prevalent in 2022 than ever before. Ordering behaviour changed, there were fewer new vehicles available, and organisations reviewed strategies in the face of a challenging global economic backdrop. As a result, interest in flexible solutions increased significantly.

Transforming fleets

Monitoring CO₂ emissions and sharing first-hand insight, expertise, and learnings from internal measures is just one of the ways companies can use consultancy to support customers with their electrification and sustainability journeys.

The future of fleets will be determined by digital solutions that enable organisations to reduce CO₂ emissions and make mobility easier and more convenient.

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