The European Commission and the German government today reached an agreement that will allow the 2035 zero-emissions deadline for cars to enter law, according to reports.

The Commission agreed to make a proposal, allowing cars running only on climate-neutral fuels – e-fuels provided they are made with clean energy – to be registered within the Euro 6 vehicle type approval rules. 

Under the deal, the Commission will first designate a new vehicle category for cars running exclusively on e-fuels, then present a delegated act allowing these vehicles to count towards the EU car CO2 targets.

They also agreed that the Commission would present a statement setting out the legislative approach that will allow e-fuel-only cars to be registered after 2035.

Julia Poliscanova, senior director for vehicles and mobility at Transport & Environment said: “Europe needs to move forward and give clarity to its automotive industry which is in a race with the US and China. E-fuels are an expensive and massively inefficient diversion from the transformation to electric facing Europe’s carmakers. For the sake of Europe’s climate credibility, the 2035 zero-emissions cars deal needs to enter law without any further delay.”

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